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Jacky's Plantain Press Wins Best Kitchen Accessory

09/29/05 -- Debuting at the Fall 2005 Atlanta Fall Gift and Home Furnishings Market, Products By Jacqueline entered the gourmet market with a hot sizzling new product.  Jacky's Plantain Press, a nifty new gadget which forms lusciously formed Tostones (fried plantains), was selected as the winner of the Best Kitchen Accessory category at the show. 

"When I designed this product, I wanted it to be the best quality available on the market," states Jacqueline Nilsen, president of the company.  "The Latin market is screaming for these kinds products, but I wanted to make this one friendly to the general American public as well."

"It tastes like fried green tomatoes," commented one attendee from Georgia.  "I never had one before, it is totally different from what I expected, absolutely delicious... I thought it was a banana, but it's something I'm going to have more of now that I know how to make them (plantains)."

Jacky's Plantain Press is used in preparing the tostones.  By peeling and slicing a fresh green plantain, the rounds are first heated in an oil-filled skillet at high heat.  When slightly browned, the plantain slices are then placed in the press, flattened by the press, then refried in the skillet to a golden brown color.  Once finished, these tasty treats can be salted and dipped in a salsa or served as a base for an hors devours.

"I am also promoting the use of the press for other kitchen applications," noted Jacqueline.  "It makes a great garlic peeler by crushing the clove just enough to peel the skin right off.  It can also be used to form cookie dough to make consistently sized cookies.  But I insist produce stores display the press amongst the plantains, which I am willing to argue will increase the volume of plantain sales."  Jacqueline had this in mind while designing the packaging, a catchy produce-style bag containing the press.

With Jacky's Plantain Press attracting the attention of the judges at the Atlanta show, it's sure to be a hit in the marketplace.  This Latin staple will be sure to find it's way soon in the American kitchen. 



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